A Guide to Automating Your Content Marketing

We are all aware of the tedious tasks which exist in every job. Content marketing is no different - sharing, promoting, analysing and so on. All of those tasks take a lot of time - too much time to actually yield any results. And you have no time to actually have fun creating content that will be meaningful and useful to your readers. 

This is what automation is here for. To take away the tediousness and leave you with fun tasks. 

Why Automate Content Marketing?

As mentioned, some tasks are simply too tedious to be considered effective. But luckily, we live in a world where automation is possible. More than that - it’s readily available for you. Most of the tools are free or low in cost and you can rely on them. 

They can make your job much easier and more interesting, not to mention more accurate and simple. 

However, not all of the elements of content marketing need or should be automated. The creative part should always be left to humans, people who are skilled and creative. 

Which Parts of Your Content Marketing To Automate?

As mentioned, not all parts of content marketing need to be automated and you could do perfectly with just a few simple automation tools. Here are some of the most commonly automated tasks and tools that can help you automate them. 

Proofreading and editing

Proofreading and editing are necessary. People won’t take your brand or your content seriously when it’s full of spelling and grammar mistakes, bad wording or poor syntax structure and so on. Fluff is also rarely tolerated in good content and your readers will expect more. 

“However, these tasks are also extremely boring and tedious. As a bonus, you earn no money on them. This is why automation tools work so perfectly here. You can use Grammarly to edit and proofread your content. It will grade your text based on readability, edit all of your grammar and spelling mistakes, correct poor syntax and make sure that no part of your content is plagiarized. You just copy the text to the software or import a file. It’s also free with an option to get a paid version with more features,” says Jonah Fall, a digital strategist at Writemyx.com and Australia2write.com.

Email marketing

Imagine sending an email to every single person on your subscription list separately. Wouldn’t that be boring? Not to mention, nearly impossible. For instance, how would you send a “welcome” email or another generic email. You also wouldn’t be able to send serialized emails and so on. You could do it, but it would take much more work and time which is not paying off. Or at least it wouldn’t if there wasn’t for the amazing tools like MailChimp. It can help you create effective emails quickly and it’s also free. 

Building an email list

“To build an email list without the automation, it would take you years. However, with simple tools like BuzzBuilder, you can create email lists easily. You can also use the MailChimp plugin to create a form on your website. Basically, any email marketing service offers to create forms that you can include on your website,” says Rovina Banks, a content marketer at 1Day2Write.com and Britstudent.com.

Promotion on social media

Sharing on social media can be a bit tedious as well, especially when you have many different social media profiles and content options. Therefore, it’s much easier to have a tool share these posts at different times and on different social media. One of the best tools for that is Zapier which can enable you to share easily.


Of course, who would count all of those visitors, views, shares, likes and so on? You need to track these things but you need a proper tool for that. Most people recommend that you should use Google Analytics or other popular analytics tools to get the most out of your stats and analysing. 

Automation has brought many good things to marketers across the globe that has made their job much easier and more effective. However, only certain parts of content marketing should be automated. These tools and tips will help you in getting the most out of automation. 

This great article is contributed by Martha Jameson. Martha Jameson works as a content editor and proofreader. She was a web designer and a manager before she realized that she loves writing for AcademicBrits.com and Originwritings.com. Martha’s main goals are to share her content marketing tips with her readers. Feel free to drop your queries and suggestions below in comment box.  

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