Conditional operator programming exercises and solutions in C

Conditional operator is a ternary operator used to evaluate expression based on some condition. Conditional operator is a replacement of small if...else statements. It takes three operand conditional-expression, true-expression and false-expression It is also known as ternary operator, inline if, ternary if etc.

Proper use of conditional operator can make your code short, clean and more readable. In this programming exercise we will focus on conditional operator and learn to make its proper use.

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Required knowledge

Conditional operator, Basic input/output, If statements

List of conditional operators programming exercises

  1. Write a C program to find maximum between two numbers using conditional operator.
  2. Write a C program to find maximum between three numbers using conditional operator.
  3. Write a C program to check whether a number is even or odd using conditional operator.
  4. Write a C program to check whether year is leap year or not using conditional operator.
  5. Write a C program to check whether character is an alphabet or not using conditional operator.

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