Primitive, Non-Primitive and Abstract Data Type

Data type is a system to define basic properties and operations allowed on the data. Properties such as – acceptable values, range, bytes required in memory etc. Data types can be further classified in three primary categories. Primitive Data Type Non-Primitive Data Type Abstract Data Type (ADT) Standard data types that comes built-in with a … Read more

How to write multiline macro in C language?

How to write multiline macro in C programming language. We generally define macros that spans over single line. However there exists situations when you want to define a macro that spans over multiple line.

In this post I will explain how to write a multiline macro in C language. So let us get started.

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pwd command in Linux – syntax, options, use and example

pwd stands for Print Working Directory. It prints the complete absolute path of current directory you are in.

While working with Linux files and directories, you move around from one directory to another. Anytime if you want to know in which directory you are in then, pwd command tells you that.

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5 Best mobile apps to learn programming

We all know that A career in web development is profitable, exciting and demanding. You need to have a certain set of well-developed skills and knowledge of different programming languages that get updated every year. Keeping yourself up-to-date with the changes in the web design industry helps you to create really cool web materials, win appreciation from clients, make a solid reputation in the market and bring the bacon home every day. Only a seasoned and informed programmer can be performing the coding work with absolute perfection & create amazing websites, games, E-commerce websites, apps, and social media sites. Microsoft’s unforgettable and incredible success is defined by coding.

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