5 Best mobile apps to learn programming

We all know that A career in web development is profitable, exciting and demanding. You need to have a certain set of well-developed skills and knowledge of different programming languages that get updated every year. Keeping yourself up-to-date with the changes in the web design industry helps you to create really cool web materials, win appreciation from clients, make a solid reputation in the market and bring the bacon home every day. Only a seasoned and informed programmer can be performing the coding work with absolute perfection & create amazing websites, games, E-commerce websites, apps, and social media sites. Microsoft’s unforgettable and incredible success is defined by coding.

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Data Scientist – The Most Trending Career In The World

With technology advancement, Big Data is offering millions of jobs worldwide. Demand for a data scientist is increasing day by day from a few decades. As we know, every economy is driven by digital activity, so data plays a major role in all industries. From manufacturing to retail, each company extremely depends upon high-quality data, that enhances the demand for data scientists. Many institutes are also found for guiding the Data Science Course In Toronto.

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Five common pointer mistakes in C programming

Pointer is the most important and powerful tool in C language. Pointer resolves many complicated problems easily but if you don’t have the sufficient knowledge of pointers, you will face problems like segmentation fault etc.

In this article, I will describe five common pointer mistakes in C programming which generally occurs.

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10 cool bitwise operator hacks and tricks every programmer must know

Bitwise operators are used to manipulate data at its lowest level (bit level). Data in memory (RAM) is organized as a sequence of bytes. Each byte is a group of eight consecutive bits. We use bitwise operators whenever we need to manipulate bits directly. In this post I will show you some cool bitwise operator hacks and tricks. These hacks will boost your programming skill.

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Infinite loops in C – Use and Debugging

Infinite loop is a looping construct that iterates forever. In programming life either intentionally or unintentionally, you come across an infinite loop. Generally a program in an infinite loop either produces continuous output or does nothing. Infinite loops are also known as indefinite or endless loop.

As a novice programmer, you must know how to debug an infinite loop. As an intermediate programmer you must know how and when to use infinite loop. Let us first learn when to use infinite loop and how to define.

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How to find range of data types in C programming?

In C programming data types play a major role, so is their size and range. The sizeof() operator gives you bytes required to store value of some type in memory. However, in programming you must be aware of range of a type to avoid overflow and underflow errors.

The size of a data type is compiler dependent and so is its range. So, you must not hardcode size and range values in your program.

There are two ways to find minimum and maximum range of a type. You can use any of the approach to get range of a type.

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sizeof() operator in C programming

Size of a data type is machine dependent and vary from compiler to compiler. However, in programming there exists situations when we need to know total bytes a type occupies in memory. To find exact size of a type in C programming we use sizeof() operator.

sizeof() is a special operator used to find exact size of a type in memory. The sizeof() operator returns an integer i.e. total bytes needed in memory to represent the type or value or expression.

The sizeof() is much used operator by programmers. It is very useful for developing portable programs.

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Various declarations of main() function in C

main() is a special function in C programming language. Reasons that make it special are –

  • It defines starting point of the program.
  • main is the first executed function.
  • It controls all other child functions.
  • Behaves as both user-defined and pre-defined function.
  • Every software written in C must have a main function.

C is a popular programming language. There exist many compilers and standards for C. So exists many variants of main function declaration. In this post we will learn various declarations of main one by one. Later we will see the standard definition of the main function in C.

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