5 Best mobile apps to learn programming

We all know that A career in web development is profitable, exciting and demanding. You need to have a certain set of well-developed skills and knowledge of different programming languages that get updated every year. Keeping yourself up-to-date with the changes in the web design industry helps you to create really cool web materials, win appreciation from clients, make a solid reputation in the market and bring the bacon home every day. Only a seasoned and informed programmer can be performing the coding work with absolute perfection & create amazing websites, games, E-commerce websites, apps, and social media sites. Microsoft’s unforgettable and incredible success is defined by coding.

Best Mobile Apps To Learn Programming

As the use of mobile devices are increasing with each day, many enthusiastic web designers look for mobile apps that can help them learn coding or programming very easily. We have listed some useful apps for you using which you can be leading the basics of coding and enrich your knowledge. Let’s get started now!

Programming Hub

Programming Hub is an online platform to learn more than the dozen of different languages like VB.NET, Python, HTML, Assembly, C, C++, C# (C Sharp), JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Java, Ruby, and many more. This app offers programming manuals with lots of practical examples. It provides a clear picture of programming not only for beginners but also to those who face complex issues while coding websites. Also,you can copy text and share entire topics with other users. Programming Hub is a great app for anyone who wants to study programming easily and quickly. It’s the small size (less than 10 megabytes) and nice interface makes it one of the best apps for Android mobile devices.

My learning

My Learning app is a completely cloud-based learning management system. It is equipped with the user-friendly learning portal,activity monitoring technology, and responsive multi-device designs, allowing you to manage learning programs effectively. It enables users to customize their learning portal plus use widgets as duplicate training programs and manage training program easily. My Learning app also helps in gaining learner’s experience by adding social media tools and games for their comprehensive learning.

Various programming languages

This app can be installed on all iOS, Android, smartphones and tablet devices. It introduces many learning formats like MOOC (massive open online course), SPOC, Blended learning, and mentoring approach.


accelQ is the most effective application that enables users to test their results at any stage of app development. This is a cloud-based platform with continuous functional & API automation testing. accelQ offers a series of the latest application development technologies, including Kendo, Bootstrap, and Google Material design, HTML5, and dynamic web app technologies such as Angular JS. Application abstraction enables test planning, design, creation, and execution beside application development. So progress can be made at any level of application availability, stability or readiness.

‘Natural Language programming’ in accelQ allows users to develop test logic using natural English instead of code, with the object of making the process of building complex navigation and business validation logic more intuitive.

Java programming

Java Programming is truly a useful app for beginners who try their luck in the field of machine learning. This app is divided into 20 chapters, that cover syllabus from basic foundation to the more complex content to get the handful knowledge of Java programming. This app is itself complete basic program for java manuals. Java Programming is highly required for neatness not only in design but also in presentation. Each chapter includes full detail of topics and clear explanation of graphs & diagrams to understand the concepts in a truly effective way.

Encode: Learn to Encode

Encode is an app to help you learn how to code websites on your Android phone. The whole syllabus is divided into different topics, each containing a good handful of chapters. First 4 and 7 lessons contain the simplex topic, while the more complex ones can have up to 14 or 15. Every chapter in Encode are fully interactive. This means you don’t consist of some Youtube videos where a guy explains what you should do to program. Nothing of the sort. Instead, you’ll find concise content that requires a certain activity. From the very beginning, you’ll have to start writing code. Encode is an excellent app for users who want to dive into the world of JavaScript programming.

Bottom line

A sound knowledge of different programming languages helps you to create amazing websites easily without going under the supervision of your boss. New comers and experienced coders can use the above-mentioned apps to learn the ifs and buts of coding easily and rock the website design and development industry. Machine Learning Programming Toronto is also act as a helping hand to all those people who wish to learn coding easily and effectively.